Dr. Roberto Hirsch

Médico neurologista formado em 1983 na FMUSP Pinheiros, Residência em Neurologia no HCFMUSP, Doutorado na USP e na UWO (Canadá), Pos-graduação em Homeopatia "sensu latu". Acredito numa visão o mais global possível do paciente como um todo, sem alterar a profundidade do exame científico/filosófico e sua participação no Todo do paciente.

I attend for consultation at my Private Practice, medical appointments at Rua dos Três Irmãos 201 conjunto 77, and attending physician with admission for hospital treatment at "Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein" in São Paulo, Brazil.
I am an experienced Neurologist with board reviewed certifications in Cerebrovascular Disorders, Stroke, Transcranial Doppler, Migraine, Pain, Botulinum Toxin, Dysautonomia, Parkinson's, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and research since 1989. 
Subspecialties notwithstanding, health is an integrative concept and naturally demands integrative view from its professionals. I see no barrier using the most advanced modern medicine top diagnostic and therapeutic techniques from philosophy, homeopathy and physiotherapy. 
I seek to integrate scientific evidence based medicine with traditional sources of medical knowledge to broaden the view of one's diagnosis. Diagnosis is paramount, it is the fundamental step for good medicine. Every information counts, however strange or unaccounted for, has to complete the whole. 
During the post-graduate Doctoral training in FMUSP in the nineties, I took one year period at The University of Western Ontario, Canada, in a project funded by CNPq, on which we established the use of transcranial doppler technology as surrogate marker for Cerebrovascular Disorders. Also implemented the routine diagnostic service in HCFMUSP, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and several other hospitals in São Paulo providing diagnosis in CVD, Brain Trauma, Cerebral Hemorrhage and Cerebral Death/Organ Donation.

Specialties: Neurology
Transcranial Doppler Sonography